Monday, October 17, 2005

Son Of Knight Rider

I was flipping through the movie channels on the satellite dish the other night and I happened to catch a few minutes of To Live And Die In L.A. I almost laughed my balls off when I saw William L. Petersen. Granted the movie is twenty years old, but man it was like seeing a clone of David Hasselhoff. Since I'm a big fan of CSI (the Las Vegas one, not one of the spinoffs), included here is a comparison of William L. Peterson during the To Live And Die In L.A. era and David Hasselhoff during the Knight Rider era. Note the creepy similarities.

Separated at birth or the product of genetic cloning? You tell me.

And finally on a completely unrelated note, I saw this on the Onion's A.V. Club webpage and I wanted to link it here in case anyone was interested. It's a link to a page containing some Mickey Mouse comic strips from the 30s in which Mickey contemplates commiting suicide. Damn, it is messed up. So click here if that sounds like your kinda thing.


Janarama said...

I do love David Hasselhoff. And CSI. Oh, dude! Hasselhoff should totally guest star as Grissom's long lost twin brother! That would please me to no end.

And as for the Mickey cartoon? I especially love how one suicidal Mickey Mouse changes his mind so quickly, and actually starts to swing happily on the rope that was meant to hang him. He so crazy!

Shauna said...

Old mickey mouse cartoons creep me out... but not nearly as much as david hasselhoff. I believe Janice used to do strange things with cut-outs of that guy... what a creepy kid. Just look at her! She so crazy!

Janarama said...

SHAUNA! You promised you'd never tell about what I did with those cut-outs!!