Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holy Shit, It's Christmas!

This month has gone by so fast. I had meant to get in some quality blogging by now, but I just never got around to it. It's been a good month for me, with the exception of the weather. We've gotten a lot of snow here lately, which has meant poor driving conditions and lots of shovelling. I can't wait for Spring, which sucks, seeing as Winter just started.

For some reason, I've gotten a buttload of free booze this holiday season. I won a liquor basket (pictured) at my work Christmas party. It had some import tallboys, a bottle of rum, a bottle of wine, and a little bottle of champagne. I also managed to score a free case of beer from my grandfather. So far, all my holiday drinking has been done with free booze. Nothing wrong with that. Though I am currently nursing a hangover, courtesy of the aforementioned bottle of rum.

I have to take a moment to thank Shauna for the nice Christmas card she sent me. Whitey and I really appreciated the card, even though we're still cleaning up the glitter. All the best holiday wishes to you and yours.

Anyways, I've got it in my mind to do a 2007 best-of post before the end of the year, so hopefully this won't be my last post before 2008. In the meantime, dear readers, stay safe and have a happy holiday.