Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Love You So Much It Makes Me Sick"

Here's an unsettling fact: if Kurt Cobain were still alive today, he would have just turned forty. Even though this April will mark the thirteenth anniversay of of his death, I still find it hard to believe that so much time has passed since then. Now, I'm not one of those people who say that they were into Nirvana before they got super popular. In fact, I jumped on the Nirvana bandwagon pretty late in the game. I remember getting the Nevermind casette (remember casettes?) from Trevor Eisner sometime in '93. I listened to the band faithfully from '93 until sometime around '96. After that, it would be another four or five years until a Nirvana album would find its way into my stereo again. I have Cory Mott to thank for my revitalized interest in the band. Think back to the musical landscape of 2000-2001. Limp Bizkit and wave after wave of nu-metal clones saturated radio and music television. At the time, I was nineteen and living in residence at St. Thomas University. My roommate was the aforementioned Cory Mott, a man with an electric guitar, a copy of Bleach and the unwavering desire to party until he could party no more. The other guys living in our wing of the residence (the historic Harrington Hall) must have hated us. You could almost set your clock to our foolishness. Friday evening would only be setting in and we would crank In Utero as loud as we cared to crank it. With beers in hand, we would rock out until the proctors made us stop. The music of Nirvana was as much a part of my university experience as anything or anyone else.

So happy belated birthday to you, Kurt. And thanks for the memories.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Few Goodies

There are a few little things I thought I'd write about today. None of which really merit their own post, so bear with me.

Apparently, Myspace is totally last week. The kids today are all over Facebook and I can kinda see why. As far as basic setups go, Facebook is kinda like Myspace except without all the ads and crap. I probably have around 500 Myspace friends and I might talk to three of them. Whereas on Facebook I might only have 20 friends, but I would actually want to keep in contact with all of them.

Internet Talk Radio
I hate real talk radio, but for some reason I've been listening to a lot of internet talk radio recently. So far my attention has been split between two programs on very opposite sides of the content spectrum. NPR, which takes a very intelligent and informative aproach to internet talk radio and DEADPIT.COM which is essentially just the rantings of two Kentucky based horror fanatics.

One of my childhood obsessions is up for sale. According to various internet news sources, one of the cars used in the original Ghostbusters movie is up for sale. The price tag on this must-own vehicle is only $150,000, which is a bargain when you consider the fact that the lights and siren still work.