Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where The Hell Did The Summer Go?

Summer is over, sort of. It's officially Race Week here in Chester and that means, come Sunday morning, summer is over. Sure, it might still be nice out and you might still have some vacation time coming to you. But around these parts, the post-Race Week blues will be setting in and no one will be too interested in whooping it up.

I've got to say though, that with minimal effort I managed to have a pretty good summer. I got to see two of my favorite bands in concert (the White Stripes and Eric's Trip), I got to visit with some family and good friends, I managed to pick up some cool records, and I saw a few good movies. So, all in all, I'm left with very little to complain about.

So, while it's still warm enough to wear shorts, I'd advise you all to crack an ice cold beer, plunk your ass down in a lawn chair, light a roman candle, and enjoy the outdoors.

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Lucky 13 said...

Tell me about it. My university didn't end until late June, and the high school in Maine where I'm student teaching started classes again on August 15. We get 2 weeks off in October for the fucking potato harvest. I haven't bothered asking why. I think the answer would probably scare me.