Friday, August 31, 2007

Driving Music

I start up my car on the way home from work today and I get probably the best set of songs that the local classic rock station has ever put back-to-back. As part of their long weekend top 104 album countdown, my homeward journey was backed by:

"Band on the Run"
"Let Me Roll It"
and "Helen Wheels"

Practically a Paul McCartney and Wings "best of." If only it could have been capped off with "Wonderful Christmastime." And while some of you may scoff at my delight in hearing a Wings mini-marathon, you have to realize that the station is more likely to play April Wine and Nickleback than anything else, so I'll take a small victory when I can get one.

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Lucky 13 said...

While we're riding in our economical purple-ish Jap station wagon, we usually pass the time listening to Raffi's "Baby Beluga" and Mozart and Beethoven via the Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra. My son hates Death from Above 1979 above all else, but he doesn't like hip-hop much either.

I can't wait until he's older, so I can tell him that he used to force me to turn off rock music so he could listen to "The Ruins of Athens." Then I'm gonna tell him Raffi was in the Taliban.