Wednesday, September 27, 2006

R.I.P. Six Pack

I'm not much of a drinker. That is not to suggest that I don't drink. It's just that I can't drink very much (or very well, depending on how you look at it). It was typical for me to pick up a six pack before heading out to a party. That way, I'd have enough beers to catch a buzz and appear to be social, but not enough to find myself puking behind a boat house (hello, 24th birthday).

But those days are over now. It was recently announced that the almighty NSLC is going to discontinue the sale of six packs in their stores. My local liquor store hasn't had six packs in stock since the end of August. I just assumed that they were out of stock after a vigorous race week, since Chester folk love their booze so much. But no, the six pack has been pulled from the market.

So what does this mean? Well, for most of you, nothing. You can probably hold your booze and/or you didn't buy six packs in the first place. For me, it means that I'm gonna have to pony up the other four dollars every week or so and pick up an eight pack. Which means that I will get drunker than I usually tend to, which can only spell disaster for the few people who will hang out with me on the weekends.

Rest in peace noble six pack, we hardly knew ye.


Janarama said...

Quammy, sir, I share in your pain. The six pack was a respectable and delightful portioning of beer, and I will miss it. The replacement eight pack, as you have suggested, will no doubt lead to an increase in drunken disasters. Or, as in my case, it might lead to my mother writing my last name on five out of eight of my beer. Yes - this did actually happen at prom party.

Shauna said...

I was going to suggest a reduction to half-packs per party (but then Janny made me realize that it would make me sound like my mom). Drink up, my man. You will be used to it in no time. Good ole NSLC and their sneaky ways of increasing your tolerance!

Rude rudy kill said...

the thing about the 6 pack is that it is the perfect amount to drink before going to a bar. And also that Black flag song.