Friday, September 30, 2005

"Know How I Knew You Were Gay? You Like Coldplay."

I just saw The 40 Year Old Virgin and man, that shit was hilarious. Speaking as a professional geek, I have to say that they hit all the marks. Steve Carell is so good in this movie, he even topped his performance as Brick Tamland in Anchorman. One of my favorite scenes comes as Carell's character begins to sell off his massive action figure collection and he starts saying goodbye to Aquaman. It's rather emotional. Poor Aquaman.

I didn't have any other reason to post, other than to extol the comedic excellence of Mr. Steve Carell. But since I'm here, I'll vent a little. So, I'm watching Much Music the other day. I don't normally watch Much anymore because all they play is crap and all their VJ's are flamingly gay. It actually sickens me how low Much has sunk in the last few years. They're almost as bad as MTV now. But it so happened that they were talking about Tim Burton's new movie The Corpse Bride. I was intrigued since I am a huge fan of stop-motion animation. But then Mr. Homosexuality himself, Devon Soltendieck, comes one and whines about the CGI in the movie. HELLO DOUCHEBAG IT'S FUCKING STOP-MOTION ANIMATION FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! Needless to say, it angered me to no end. So, I just had to bitch about it and write douchebag in really big letters. Sorry for the rage.

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Janarama said...

Don't apologize for the rage. Much Music sucks balls and has for quite some time. Either that or I've only now reached the age where I can realize how bad it always has been. I like to think my taste in everything has improved since I was fifteen, but I guess it's entirely possible that I'm wrong in that assertion.

But yeah, I agree with you that The 40 Year Old Virgin is fantastic. The entire cast is just fabulous (of course any movie including Paul Rudd gets an automatic thumbs up from me.) And I'm pretty sure my favourite "Know how I knew you're gay" comment is "because you like Asia." Priceless.