Saturday, May 31, 2008

Free iPod

I got a 16 gig iPod Touch yesterday for free. My father won it through a contest at the store where he works. This is my first iPod. I'd been thinking about getting one for the last year or two, but I could never justify spending the money on one. I've been messing around with mine a lot since I hooked it up and I have to say that it's a lot of fun. My only fear now is that I'll lose the darn thing and someone else will be enjoying all my Devo tracks.


John said...

Ipods are fucking sweet. I've had a 4 gig nano for over 2 years now, and I'd say I've got more than my money's worth. In fact, my customer satisfaction with my ipod was a big factor in why I bought a macbook, which is also decent except that the battery is a piece of shit. Apple builds a nice product. Just make sure you keep it in your pants, because an ipod is easier to lose than a set of car keys.

Jan said...