Monday, February 11, 2008

Chief Brody and the Maritime Winter Blues

A little bit of sad news here kiddos, veteran actor Roy Scheider has passed away at the age of 75. Scheider, best known for his role as Chief Brody in Jaws, died this past sunday at a hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. No official cause of death has been released. He will be missed.

In other news: I'm friggin' sick of winter. So sick that I've put together a haiku to express my hatred of this awful season. Enjoy.

Go to hell winter
You god damn son of a bitch
I hate shoveling


John MacEachern said...

I was gonna do a memorial post for ole' Roy tonight, but it seems I can pay my respects here instead:

Roy Scheider was hard as fuck. With a face that said, "Cut the bullshit" (even to his kids on Christmas morning, I'll bet) and skin tanned to the consistency of beef jerky, he could even act hard on a gay-ass show like Seaquest DSV. If there's giant sharks in heaven, he's probably killing the shit out of them right now. Roy, here's to you.

Shauna said...

Is that Heywood Floyd? From Space 2010? I just named my fish Io, Callisto, Ganymede and Europa, in honour of Arthur C. Clarke's 2001, which I'm reading right now. And no offense to Kubrick, but man, I totally didn't get that story from the movie at all (I mean, come on, why did the big black block make the monkey pick up the bone and hit the other monkey with it? WHY?) but I totally get it now!
So yah, that makes me sad. Very sad. Somehow, winter makes me more sad more easily. Stupid winter.

Jan said...

Quammy, I love the Haiku. It makes me laugh, and it really encapsulates the stupidity of winter. Kudos.

And Seaquest DSV!! I could not for the life of me remember the name of that show. The other day I was trying to remember the name of that actor, Jonathan Brandis. So thanks for that. Now I can look him up on Wikipedia! *Swoon!*

And Shauna, I'm the same. 2001 creeps me out! I recognize it as being more of a classic, and probably a better film, but I can get behind 2010, because it seems to have more of a coherent story. And of course, this magnificent tanned man, too. I'm sorry to hear of his passing.

Anonymous said...

2001 is the most boring movie ever made I could never stay awake thru the whole thing, apparently people walked out of the original screenings. Now A clockwork orange thers a movie real horrorshow. And yeah the monolith whats the deal a roo with that monolith, my understanding is that a monlith is an object with meaning, wow far out.

Shauna said...

In the book, the monolith makes way more sense. It's like, the tool used by a super-intelligent alien that has no physical manifestation any more because it's so frackin' evolved. And its purpose is to subtly manipulate the evolution of brains so that we develop "mind" - hence the influence to use tools, so pathetically demonstrated in 2001 by the monkey with the bone. Seriously, the book is way better (says Shauna, about to start reading 2010... I'll keep you posted).

p.s. - Is that Rudy? "Anonymous" is not as much fun to talk to.

John said...

Isn't it about time for your monthly blog post, Quammy?

Quammy said...

Right you are, sir.