Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Few Things I Miss From The 90s

- Mixtapes
- Crystal Clear Pepsi
- Nirvana
- Jean Chrétien choking out protesters
- Duckman
- A time when almost no one had cell phones
- Eric's Trip
- The novelty of laser pointers
- Kids in the Hall
- Laughing at people who thought yo-yos were cool
- Pogs
- When Much Music (or MTV) played music videos
- Mr. Show
- The distant hope that the Star Wars prequels would be awesome

What do you miss?


Janarama said...

I miss the peak Simpsons era, being able to watch NEW episodes of Star Trek: TNG, legitimately listening to "Party Like It's 1999" and of course, I miss a time when the Young Offenders Act still covered my ass.

Oh, and Baywatch.

I miss that the most.

MonkeyBlogger said...

Hey man... yo yo's ARE cool. I miss flannel plaid shirts and the Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup. I don't exactly miss these, but in the 90's I had a lot of troll dolls. Remember those? Seinfeld was pretty cool too.